Oriental rugs come in a wonderful array of colors and designs.  They are a great way to display your sense of style, and they add beauty and history to any room of the home.  Oriental rug owners value handmade authenticity and quality interior decorating products.  They are willing to invest in an item that is long lasting and adds warmth to their decorating style.  Having them washed safely by a reputable professional is a wise investment.  Oriental rugs are treasures that can have a long life of vibrant beauty.  It, is, however, important to properly maintain them to keep them looking beautiful.  If you have invested the money into purchasing an oriental rug, then it is important to invest in having your rug washed by a company that will treat them like the treasures they are. 

Without proper maintenance, built up dirt could begin to deteriorate your rug's face fibers damaging the luster and shine of the piece.  If your rug is starting to look a little dull, schedule a free estimate today and let us help you keep your rug looking luxuious for years to come.

We are professional, courteous, and dependable.  We know how to restore the original beauty to your rug.  Our rug washing process requires that your rug be taken to our facility to be washed due to the many steps involved in properly cleaning these pieces.  These styeps include:  dry soil removal, evaluation of dye strength, safest washing method the piece will allow, drying, spot detailing and detailing of any tassels or fringe.  We also repair damaged oriental rug fringes and offer area rug pads to preserve the rugs face pile luster and life.

 STEP 1:  Thorough inspection is the first stage of the cleaning process.  We will determine whether your area  rug is machine woven or hand knotted and its fibre content.


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 Step 6:  FINAL INSPECTION:  All area rugs are groomed, with fringe detailing and rolled up for your delivery. 


Do your area rugs move around on your hardwood floors?  We sell special underlayment that will solve this problem.  Call the office 250-492-0234 and I will come over and show you a sample.

We now offer our Home Care Spotter  $15.00 to tackle spots and stains like a professional.    Home Care Spotter is a multi-purpose spotting agent safe for use in the home.  Home Care Spotter easily removes spots and stains from wet cleanable carpet giving you instant, professional results.  Cleaning your carpet and upholstery on a regular basis by a professional cleaner will increase the life of your carpet and add to the appearance of your fabrics.  If the stain cannot be removed, contact your professional carpet cleaner.